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Photos per job line, not just per RO - Mobile App

In the mobile app, we should be able to add certain photos for specific job lines, not just for the entire RO.

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  • Mar 19 2019
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    Guest commented
    15 Apr 21:28

    A better implementation of this may be to tag the photo file name with the RO line upon upload.

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    Guest commented
    15 May 17:30

    Agreed with tagging the RO line into the file name.  If the filenames looked something like "L1-brokencamper.jpg", it would provide much more information to the users.  Another request made previously was to have thumbnails in the "cause complaint correction" fields.  If the file names started with a prefix like L1, L2, L3 etc, the system could display the thumbs with L1 prefixes on Line1 of the RO, L2 prefixes on Line2 of the RO, etc.

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    Saranya Sankar commented
    26 Jul 16:10


    This requirement can be implemented with less programming effort under web version as compared to desktop version.

    This requirement has been prioritized under web version and added to our backlog for web. Once we release the web version, we will provide an update on the release timeline for this feature.