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Export reports to Excel - in a format that can be utilized

I would like to see much better compatibility with reports exporting to excel.  There are merged cells, page numbers in the middle of the data-set, multiple data columns under a single merged heading etc.

In order to use the data for anything useful, it requires tons of cleanup.

If the system could export the information in a single table, the user could setup formulas, graphs and charts, pivot tables, etc. without a hassle.

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  • Apr 30 2019
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    Guest commented
    May 13, 2019 19:19

    The excel exports should be data exported, not the report exported. Currently, you are unable to just slap on a filter and sort. Since the export is just the report exported to excel there are many merged fields and unfilterable data. It would take 2 days to set the information in a format that is usable.

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    Guest commented
    August 22, 2019 18:22

    Agreed. First all cells need to be unmerged, for large data sets this can take time. Dozens of extra columns have to be deleted, many so narrow they can be difficult to select. The header fields are often spread over 2-4 rows and must be moved individually. It's a lot of wasted time every time a data set needs to be analyzed.

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    Saranya Sankar commented
    14 Jan 20:49

    This functionality is available on Web version. Timeline on Web Version Release is Early Q3 2020.

    Also, we have a webinar session on Web Version , which is on January 21st at 1pm EST/10am PST. Please join the Webinar to know more about our new interface.

    You would have received an email from us to register for the webinar session. Also, the register link is available when you open your Infinity.