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Enhancement Request to Dispatching System

Lazydays service department would like to make use of the dispatching system. The department filter allows the user to filter for a single department, Lazydays has staff however that work in multiple departments and would like the ability to filter for multiple departments in the Dispatching Screen.

Managers may have up to a half dozen departments answering to them, they would like the ability to see all techs who may report to them and what their schedules are in order to maximize productivity.

Enter the Dispatch Screen, Select the Department Drop Down. Currently you can only select one department. Figures 1,2

Lazydays would like the ability to select and filter for multiple departments in the department filter located in the dispatching screen.

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  • Jan 16 2019
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    21 Jan 20:55

    I have wanted a feature similar to this...  Trying to find a workaround I tried using "teams".  I would have a group of body techs all members of team 1, another group of hitch techs - team 2, prep techs - team 3, etc.  I may have a tech that can do both body and hitches, so they would be a member of team 1&2.

    The Service advisors would be set up the similarly.  Depending on the dealership, the Service Advisors or Dispatchers that schedule body would be a member of team 1.  If they schedule everything, they would be members of team 1,2&3.

    Now that your excited for a solution to your problem...  it doesn't work.  Each employee can only be a member of one team.

    I would like to see a feature allowing a employee to be members of multiple teams.

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    31 Jan 16:16

    I made a new "idea" encompassing a solution to this (and other) issue(s).