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It would be great if we could increase the size of the font ect to more easly read the screen. SYS2K HAD NO WAY TO MAKE THE SCREEN MORE EASLY READ aka like a ZOOM aka like useing the control key plus roll the mouse dial to zoom in screen size.

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  • Feb 2 2019
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    04 Feb 19:17

    This is something that is addressed in Windows.  In your remote session (for us its windows server 2012R2) go to Control Panel-Appearance and Personalization-Display.  There is a slider to adjust the text and other items larger and smaller.  There is also the ability to change the text size on individual items (title bar, menus, message boxes, etc)

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    04 Feb 23:02

    This would be helpful for us as well. Some users complain about small text size, and while the Windows Appearance does help some, it also causes some issues in the display if the area is not large enough to accommodate the larger text size. For example, after a system update, users with a larger text size were unable to accept the license agreement due to the text size and limited size of the window.