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Ability to add an alert to a canned job

It would be beneficial to be able to add an alert to a canned job so that any time that canned job is added to a work order an alert would pop up.  It would be beneficial for canned jobs that require vehicle specific parts that are unknown when building the canned job, but will be known when adding the canned job to the RO.  For example, I would like an alert on our canned job for a Pull Rite Super Glide fifth wheel hitch.  I can not add a part number for the required capture plate until we are aware of the camper it is to be installed on.  One thing is for sure, the capture plate MUST be installed - and without a reminder that it needs to be added and is not included, it could be missed or not charged for or misquoted.

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  • Feb 4 2019
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    04 Feb 22:26

    I was just thinking of that this weekend! In my boat business I have canned jobs for winterizing each model of outboard engines we sell, but the fuel filter that we replace on each boat is vessel specific.  Making that alert appear on the mechanic's hard copy would be great as the tech is generally the person identifying the filter used.