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Support for wireless barcode scanner/printer

I would like a wireless barcode scanner/printer to take onto the retail floor to view and modify inventory counts, pricing, reorder points, total on order, etc.  It would allow for "on the fly" price changes - affording the ability to change the price and print an updated barcode label on the spot.  The tool would put to shame the current "mobile" offering for performing a physical inventory by allowing the counts to be done "live" and during business hours.

It would be best if this could be connected wirelessly to the motility database so the information is always live, up to date, and able to be modified.  Second to that, it would be acceptable to "sync" the tool to the database, so a copy of the inventory lives on the device.  This would create major complexities to allow the inventory to be modified from the device.  If a part is updated in master inventory after the tool is synced, then the same part is modified on the device, if the changes aren't identical, how would the system know which change to prioritize?

Two "gold standard" devices are the Avery-Dennison Pathfinder 6057 (all in one) or the Motorola MC70 (PDA only that interfaces with many wireless barcode printers).

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  • Feb 27 2019
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